The Value of Leo Carty Prints

Having a collection of Leo Carty Prints is a great way to display your love for this artist. They can be displayed in a variety of different ways, including in your living room, bedroom, office, or even in a gallery. You can even choose a particular type of print, such as one that is reminiscent of a particular period of Carty’s life.

Early life

Carty was born on April 17, 1931 in Harlem, New York. His family moved to the Virgin Islands in 1963. At age 10, Carty received a scholarship to the Museum of Modern Art for Children. His drawings were published in the St. Croix Avis newspaper during the 1980s.

During his early years, Leo Carty was exposed to different art forms. At a young age, he was fascinated with art and learned how to draw. He attended the Museum of Modern Art School for Children and eventually began to work as an artist. He also illustrated children’s books and comic books.

Leo Carty later moved to the Virgin Islands in 1976 and worked as an artist. He illustrated graphic history books and painted Caribbean culture. He also painted murals, such as a three-paneled mural of St. Croix.

Leo Carty’s art is usually centered on the Caribbean, but he has also illustrated eight African American children’s books. Carty’s paintings are also featured on public buildings throughout the Virgin Islands. His works are also sold at many shops throughout the islands. In fact, one of his paintings is in the Buccaneer Resort in Christiansted. He also owns a store called Many Hands at the Pan Am Pavilion in Christiansted.


Throughout his career as a cartoonist, Leo Carty has created several pieces that will stand the test of time. In fact, his cartoons still stand out today more than thirty years later. These days, he only does commissioned works.

Carty has created a number of watercolor prints that focus on the daily lives of black people in the Virgin Islands during the turn of the 20th century. These paintings are displayed at the Buccaneer Resort and the Pan Am Pavilion in Christiansted. His style has evolved, and he is currently experimenting with smaller strokes. He has also been dealing with arthritis.

Among Carty’s many accomplishments, he received the Virgin Islands Arts Award, which is the highest honor the island can bestow. He also created the aptly named Carty greeting card company. He also taught art at all levels. Leo has served on numerous boards. He also has a collection of watercolor prints that includes a number of signed prints.

Art collection

Whether you are a fan of the Virgin Islands, a fan of art, or just someone who likes a good beach scene, the Leo Carty art collection has something for you. A collection of the artist’s work is being displayed at Carty Fine Art Studios, a family-owned business that specializes in archival prints. Located on the east end of the island, the studios are open from noon-4pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Carty’s art collection includes a few of the artist’s more well-known works. The most notable is a lithograph, “Community Band in Emancipation Garden,” which depicts a band of Blacks playing in a garden at the end of the Civil War. A lesser known work is a watercolor print focusing on the life of a black man living in the Virgin Islands at the turn of the twentieth century.


During the turn of the 20th century, Leo Carty painted scenes of everyday life in the Virgin Islands. The works have a realistic feel and depict scenes of daily life, including children playing and the hustle and bustle of city life.

Leo Carty’s works are available for purchase through online auction sites. They are a great investment for any collector. These prints are signed and have a unique blend of colors. These prints are perfect for home decor.

Carty’s watercolors were collected by the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture. These watercolors are a testament to Carty’s legacy. During the early years of Carty’s career, he was recognized for his artistic talent. He was awarded a scholarship to the Museum of Modern Art. He studied illustration and did editorial cartoons for Black Media. Carty taught classes for children and adults. He also taught prison classes.

Leo Carty passed away in 2010. His son, Stefan Carty, opened a gallery to honor his father’s artistic legacy. He plans to hold more exhibits of his father’s work.

Abstract expressionism

Using the right ingredients, it is possible to replicate the high end quality of this leo and create a lasting impression of your own. Whether you are in the market for a heirloom for your family or a work of art to hang on your wall, you have the ingredients to create a masterpiece that will be admired by all. It may take a bit of time and effort, but if you do it right, you will be rewarded with an elegantly crafted art masterpiece that you will be proud to show off for years to come.

The best part of this experience is the fact that it will only cost you a small fraction of the price of a high end gallery or museum.

Exhibitions of his work

‘Remembrance – A Tribute to Leo Carty’ is an exhibit that focuses on the life and work of a remarkable artist. Carty, who died in 2010, was born in Harlem, New York, and lived in the Virgin Islands for many years. His work focuses on daily life in the Virgin Islands at the turn of the 20th century. He painted the Community Band in Emancipation Garden, straw baskets, and water baptisms. His impressionistic paintings are found on public buildings throughout the United States Virgin Islands.

The exhibit was curated by JoAnne Northrup, who holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California and is the current Curator of Contemporary Media at the Nevada Museum of Art. She is dedicated to bringing pioneering artists into the mainstream conversation. She also authored the first nationally touring survey exhibitions on contemporary media artists.

Carty’s watercolor prints are signed and numbered. They focus on the daily lives of black people in the Virgin Islands in the turn of the 20th century. He was a community artist and taught art at the University of the Virgin Islands. Leo Has also coordinated the Adult Educational Senior Art Program at the Golden Grove Correctional Facility. He also painted a three-paneled mural depicting the history of St. Croix and St. Thomas.

Works sold at auction

Whether you are a fan of art or not, you may have heard of the works of Leo Carty. Carty was a visual artist who exhibited his works in galleries all around the world. However, he lived and worked in the Virgin Islands and his love for the island is evident in his paintings. His art is currently on display in the Cane Roots Art Gallery. His exhibition opened late in July and will close at 7 p.m. on Friday, August 5.

In addition to the paintings, Cane Roots also offers an exclusive collection of Carty’s work. The exhibit is one of the best places in the Virgin Islands to see some of the great artwork of this talented artist. The Cane Roots Art Gallery is located at 423 West Second Street in Road Town.

Murals in St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas

During the last two months, there have been numerous art events on all three islands. One event that stands out was the opening of New Blood 4. The exhibit featured 40 visual artists, which opened the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts.

The event was a part of the St. Croix Arts Council. The gallery will be open until May 22.

Carty has become a famous artist on St. Croix, and he is known for painting realistic local figures in period dress. His paintings are done in oils and acrylics. These paintings are a reflection of island life. He is also fond of the island’s historical structures.

Carty’s work has been featured in several publications. He has illustrated eight African American children’s books, and was a syndicated cartoonist in 93 African American newspapers. Leo Has also taught art at all levels. He has been active in the community, serving on several boards. He has painted several murals, including a three-paneled mural of St. Croix, which was donated to the St. Croix Public Library.

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